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BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer


Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is:
"BLV mgn Cube"- an open-source 3D printer project.
building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency and high print quality.



  • Fast, reliable, accurate
    The linear bearing and Delrin Wheel Gantry commonly used at most of the low-mid 3d printers as a cheaper solution for linear motion. well, ye.. it's cheaper but at the expense of accuracy and reliability. linear guided rails (mgn rails) are a way more rigid, extremely precise and smoother then linear bearing or Delrin. shorting print time without compromising on print quality. There seems to be a good reason why they are mostly used with high-end 3D printers. So, i found cheap Chinese mgn rails at Aliexpress and thought to myself why not?


  • Rigid open structure
    I focused my efforts on designing an open front structure that will be rigid as a cubic structure but yet giving you easy access to your build plate and prints. the design includes a front belt tensioner to make it even more convenient. It came after spending tons of hours of software simulating and physical stress test.


  • Accessible
    All the parts are easy to find, print or make. You will not find in the BOM an expensive CNC special machined parts or parts that are hard to get. most of the parts are printed or you can buy them online / locally. Notice that you can use your own electronics - as long as you have the knowledge to make your FW suitable for the build.


  • Open Source
    You don't need to ask for the original CAD files since I already included it inside the project folder. I admire this community and believe that sharing is the main key in order to make this project even better. Feel free to download the CAD files (Step file) and modify, add, remix or improve it as you like. I would appreciate if you could please share it with this awesome community and mark the remixed parts as a "remixed" linked to this project page.


  • Build and print
    I spent many hours adjusting the Firmware for this 3D printer and fine-tuning the best slicing profile (Simplify3D) for it. After building this printer you will only need to upload the config files, load your slicing profile and you are good to go.


  • More modular
    The design is more flexible then you think. the printed parts and structure designed to be modular. Not only you can choose your Z height - But you can use a much bigger build plate. all you need to purchase a bigger aluminum profile and mgn rails. The provided CAD file will assist you to calculate the right measurements for your customized "BLV mgn Cube" 3D printer.


  • Easy to build?
    To be honest, the installation of the rails will take 70% of the build time. you will have to be accurate and spend a few hours aligning the rails, but boy.. the joy you will feel when it prints, will worth every minute you spent installing them. To make it easy on you, I made a 3D animation videos as instructions, Information PDF, sketches and measurements.


  • balanced budget
    The cost was important, therefore the BOM is balanced to give you the best money-value ratio, without compromising on quality. you will find The best 32bit board a 3D printer can have. Excellent stepper motors, sensors and so. you get to choose if you want to have a 5" PanelDue touch screen or save 80$ and use your smatphone or Tablet screen without losing features.


Online 3D viewer

To your convenience, I have added below an Online 3D viewer links. you will be able to explore, measure, isolate or view parts and components using your browser.

BLV mgn Cube - Full 3D viewer

Isolated Frame - 3D Viewer

Isolated Panels/Walls - 3D viewer



  • Super quiet and fast tmc2660 drivers!

  • Efficient cooling system

  • Hepa/Carbon air scrubber

  • Rigid Aluminum Open front frame

  • Option for Dual extrusion

  • Front belts tensioner

  • Mesh Auto-Leveling

  • Internal LED light

  • Linear rails MGN12H  for high accuracy

  • Firmware config + S3D Profile included

  • Bed: 300 X 300, Height: 365/465/565mm

  • DuetWifi 32 Bit board

  • Full web interface via Smartphone/Tablet/desktop

  • Electronics at the back

  • Clean and elegant design

  • open-source design cad file is available




  • 300mm X 300mm

  • 350mm X 350mm (custom)


  • 365mm

  • 465mm

  • 565mm

  • 665mm

Build volume-min.png



Build Volume
  1. Read, understand and prepare yourself

    Start with reading the Thing description and "more info links" section, watch the 3d animations, explore the printer 3D model with the 3d viewer, read the pages I linked in the "more info" sections and make sure you understand the printer structure.

  2. Get the parts

    The waiting - is the most frustrating part. make sure you got all the needed parts. prepare spares of T-nuts, screws and so on. If you have decided to use your own electronics, make sure you know how to correctly configure the firmware of your board.

  3. build

    now the building process begins... Know that it isn't going to be easy as building a pre-made kit. Prepare all the tools you need and please use a good corner alignment tool, it is crucial to have a precise structure for excellent printing results. it is advised to use also the provided JIGS, the assembly will be much easier. Don't forget to tap holes on the corners and check if its an M5/M6 screw (depends on your extrusions manufacture). Take your time when fixing the rails to the extrusions. I found a good quick video tutorial made by 3D distributed, showing an easy way to align parallel rails. Don't forget to reward yourself after the rails installations - you deserve it :)

  4. Electronics installation

    Install your Electronics carefully. Check your connections and wiring diagram closely and make sure everything hooked up correctly. don't take any shortcuts and use the right tools and parts. the Power cable should be the last thing to connect.

  5. Software, Tests and Calibrations

    Update your DuetWifi board to the latest version and upload all the provided config to the sd-micro card, then insert it to your board and power up the system. make sure that the Mini IR sensor blinks 4 times right after powering the printer. please don't move the axis before checking endstop response. Try to home the printer - the printer should move to the left and then to the rear for the printer. if it isn't - check ou motors wiring and config. calibrate your Z height and check your sensors reading (temp). Please make sure to do a PID calibration for both the bed and the hotend sensors - This is very important, otherwise your prints will fail. if everything looks good load filament and print a calibration cube and so on.

  6. print

    Enjoy your printer and give her love when needed :)

    maintain your printer by greasing the rails with a Synthetic grease with PTFE or sewing machine oil. Keep the rails clean and the belts tight. Also, Clean your PEI build plate with alcohol after every print. If you are using the Air scrubber - please replace the HEPA filter when needed.

  7. Post an "I made one" pictures

    Show the world your new 3D printer and be proud of your creation:)

    I would appreciate it if you could please upload your newly built 3D printers pics. Knowing that it helped you create your own 3D printer - for me, it's worth all the hard work and many hours that I spent in this project.

  8. Remix & Share

    I am 100% sure that there are many ways to make this printer even better. this is why I gave you the source file of the Printer. Make it better by sharing your remixes with this awesome community :)



Where To Start?

passion for 3D printing


3D Printing knowledge 

Technical ability


Spare Time



blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


recommended Frame Reinforcement for higher Z axis builds (465mm+)


Getting the frame Kit:
notice that you may be able to get a much cheaper price for the extrusions locally.

Screws and bracket kits:


  • Please be precise and use the correct extrusions without shortcuts. using the 2020 profile instead of 2040 may reduce the frame rigidity.

  • The BOM below is for 365mm Z height, If you wish to build a different size, then use the Calculator excel file named: "BLV_mgn_Cube-Frame_calculator.xlsx" can be found at the project Zip file.

  • It is recommended to use normal extrusions with mgn rails and NOT V-slot.

  • Please let me know if you found any typo/mistake and I promise to fix it ASAP.

  • The Blurolls store from Aliexpress has started to offer a Kit for the project. It contains most of the needed electronics, frame, screws, pre-crimped wiring, panels, tube, brackets and more. I think its a pretty convenient solution, especially when part of the deal is genuine Hiwin rails!

  • New cheaper BLV mgn Cube (lite) kit based on SKR + tmc2209 spotted on Aliexpress.


BLV mgn Cube - FULL KITS available! 

An Aliexpress store named Blurolls has started offering BLV mgn Cube full kits for sale:

I personally bought a kit and found it's actually very good and recommended!

the best thing is that genuine HIWIN rails (BEST!!!) included, along with many high-quality parts.

they are currently offering two options for the kits:

  • BLV mgn Cube - full kit with all the accessories including panels, Duet-Wifi 32bit board,
    4.3" LCD, Led's, Panels, cables, screws, high-quality CNC machined bed, and more...

  • BLV mgn Cube - Lite kit with SKR board and all the needed parts without the
    fancy stuff such as LEDs, panels...

  • BLV Metal kit - replace all your printed parts with Metal parts!!

Just to clarify: I am the seller, not selling anything, and certainly have no profit here.

Motion System



Update: Thanks to Jerry.h now we have two good options for rails:

Stepper Motors (Please ask them to give you a full D-cut shaft!)

Where to get the Steppers kit

Belts system (check assembly section):

  • 24 X F623 ZZ Flange Ball Bearings - number 2 or 3 option
    I recommend flipping the belts at the rear (check the belt system image), please do not use the geared GT2 16T.
    note: There is an Amazon seller who sells low-quality 623zz for triple the price!. his bearings are loose and it will ruin your printing experience.

Belts & Threaded rods

Main Electronics

Hotend options - 4 options:

  1. Trianglelab excellent Quality V6 hotend (1.75 24V PTFE) - had it - read the note.

  2. Mellow excellent hotend kit (24V Teflon) - i use this

  3. Blurolls good quality V6 hotend

  4. Cheap v6 hotend clone

Note: For Triangelab hotend change the M305 raw in config.g file
to this: "M305 P1 T100000 B4725 C0.0000000706 R4700"
more info about it under the "Additional Notes" section on this page.

Hotend optional upgrades:

Heated bed system, choose one of the 2 choices:

  1. Funssor CR-10 Aluminum Heated Bed 24V - tested

  2. Anet E12 12V heated bed 300x300

Note: For those that prefer Duet clone:

Additional Mechanics


Useful Links

Optional & More