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BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer

Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is BLV mgn Cube - an open-source 3D printer project. building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on

mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency

and high print quality.

blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


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This is your place, my dear friends.

Whenever I'll find aBLV mgn Cube cool upgrade, remix, or add-on, I will try to put it on the list immediately, over time the list will grow. I would be very happy if you would share your remixes with me. So feel free to send me a message on Discord or Facebook with the link and I would love to check it.

PrusaPrints - Click here for the community upgrades on the PrusaPrints site.

Thingiverse - Click here to see the community remixes and upgrades on the Thingiverse site.


Bo li - klicky mosquito upgrade

Bo Li

suitable BLV Metal KIT, Sherpa extruder, mellow mosquito volcano extrusion head, optional support Klicky or bltouch probe

Panel btt tft70 for BLV mgn


Remix PanelDue7 Front Panel for BLV MGN Cube

Cable holder for BLV Helmet


A simple remix to use the OG cable holder.

BLV Cube Tool Changer


Converting the BLV Cube into a tool changer using E3D's motion system is not too difficul (but not so cheap)..

BLV triple Z SFU1204


LARGE BED for details

BLV Remix, triple Z axis


This is my modification to Ben's fantastic printer design. THis has been updated to focus on only the triple Z axis drive.

Y Optical Endstop


Easily Optical Endstop for BLV Cube

BLV Cube Fully enclosed top


This project fully encloses the BLV Cube, making printing ABS easier.
You will need access to a laser cutter if...

Annex Quickdraw for BLV cube


Quickdraw mounting setup for BLV with metal kit. Get the rest of the Quickdraw parts...

BLV Cube Sherpa Volcano


This is a special heating chamber for BLV Metal KIT version, suitable for Sherpa extruder + volcanic extrusion head

BLV mgn - JHB enclosure


Designed and made this enclosure for my BLV printer. including dry-box designs to fit with it

metal kit eva 2 5015


Eva2 5015 part cooling modified to blv mgn cube metal kit.
My mosquito hotend, bl-touch fit the original mgn cube part "Xcarriage-_V6_Locker_BL-touch"

BLV metal kit bearing tool

Peter Landin

Its a pain in the ass to get the bearings in to the metal kit motor mounts. Use this tool to make it alot easier!

DuetTool Board holder


Awkward part for duet tool board on mgn blv cube metal kit.

Eva Backplate for BLV


This is Eva 2.4.2 backplate Papst EBM RLF 35-8/14 N for BLV MGN Cube 6mm Belt.

Cube double mosquito


Double mosquito bowden hotend setup
The limit switch mount on the left is increased so 10T85 switch can fit into it
Removed 40mm fan
Add LJ12A3-4-Z sensor mount

BLV MGN Cube Cable Manager


This is a cable management system for the MGN BLV Cube that will prevent the hotend cables from flopping around and keep the Bowden tube secured but not overly constrained.

Orbiter V2.0 Adapter


Adapter for connecting the Orbiter V2.0 extruder to a V6 / Mosquito / Dragon hotend in a BLV printer with an E3D V6 holder.
2 versions available: with M10 / 0.9 and M10 / 1 metric ISO thread.

BLV NF Crazy and Orbiter

Perry Nguyen

This is my current print head setup for my BLV Cube. Orbiter 1.5 mounted on a minimal plate on top of the carriage. NF Crazy mounted in the V6 locker. 4010 hotend cooling fan.

Bondtech LGX-FF Mount

Loris G

Mount for LGX-FF Kit that works only on the metal kit for BLV MGN CUBE.


Paweł Kucmus

EVA is a carriage platform for MGN rail based printers. The main goal is to support what people may have laying around or have easy access to...

BLV Mgn Tank Chain


this is a mod of BLV MGN Cube. Video:
XY Tank Chain...

Dual Z-Axis Belt Synchronizer


for BLV use one motor on z



This is a remix to get the magical hevort Z on 2020/2040 frame. I've adapted the parts to fit 2020 and/or 2040 extrusions...

BLV mgn Cube Upgrades


Includes upgrade to blv mgn, a 3d printer I made



Based on the ingenious design by jwags55. This remix is designed to fit BigTreeTech...

BLV Cube Lack table mount


I wanted to securely mount my BLV Cube to my Lack stack so I made these.
Print it 4 times

270° door hinge and handle


BLV H2 mounting plate

Shane Rehm

BLV H2 Mount for printed mounting plate

Optical Endstop Smart Sensor


I've been wanting a runout sensor forever and I finally designed my own. This is a hybrid inspired by what others in the BLV and Hevort communities have made.

CFD analysed part cooler


I was unhappy with the stock BLV cooler as it seemed to blow air directly on to my heater block when using a genuine E3D V6.

Simple snap-in TPU feet


Simple feet for a 3d printer or any other construction that has vertical aluminum profile extrusions to screw an M6 hex bolt into.

BLV Cube Reinforced Bed Holder


After i assembled the BLV Cube, i noticed that my bed was not sturdy enough and had vibrations. I fount the Custom BLV bed mount from...

BLV Ryper EVA 2 extruder


A new extruder mod for Ryper BLV, Extruder EVA 2 adapted for BLV and PINDA for V6, Dragon hotend or mosquito hotend.

BLV MGN Afterburner


I used a 30mm stepper.
But the default stepper should also work with some modifications on the cable cover...

BLV front panel - tablet dock


Modified front panel for BLV MGN cube. I remixed the stock design to accommodate my wireless charging dock and case for 7" Android tablet.

BLV Cube Orbiteo Toolhead


Orbiteo is a toolhead alternative for BLV MGN printer. This is a remix of former Galileo from Voron Project.

BLV Cube SFU1204 Ball Screw


BLV mgn cube with SFU1204 ballscrew
The z-axis travel will be reduced

NF Sunrise Adapter

Peter Grossmann

I got a NF Sunrise Extruder from mellow and needed a Mount for the BLV Cube Metal Kit.
You will need 2 M3x10 and 3 M3x8 (5 M3x10 should be also ok)



This is a BLV project that comes from Ben Levi, and its name is BLV MGN Cube.We've made some optimizations on top of that, and we hope you like it. These print files are suitable for FYSETC BLV Cube..

Orbiter Toolhead

Guillaume Sartre

Orbiteo is a toolhead alternative for BLV MGN printer. This is a remix of former Galileo from Voron Project. I liked the minimal footprint...

Helmet Extruder

Emil Sahlén

This is a complete direct drive print head assembly designed for the BLV mgn cube by Ben Levi...

BLV 3 Point bed levelling


These are the bed mounts for my 3-point levelling system/kinematics for the BLV. These have been designed to...

BLV CUBE stepper fence isolator


Stepper cooling fences (with 30x30x10mm fan) to isolate steppers from heated chamber

EVA2 kit for BLV MGN Cube


Mounting kit for the EVA v2.4 on the BLV MGN Cube printer...

Raspberry Pi 3/4 DIN Mount


Based on the ingenious design by jwags55. This remix is designed to fit more modern Raspberry Pi's (3 and later)...

MGN12 alignment tool


Very simple MGN12 alignment tool.
Screw spacing is 20mm.

Heated bed illuminated warning


Illuminated warning sign for the BLV Cube.
You will need to print the text in which or natural PLA, and the cover...

3D Pinter Tools Organizer Box


this Tools Organizer Box is for BLV and Ender or other 3D pinter use 4020

Light Bar for BLV mgn Cube


I made a discreet LED bar 15cm long which allows me to put it side by side to obtain the desired length. Fixing is done...

Direct drive for BLV cube


This is my first approach to "real" direct drive on BLV mgn cube with metal kit, BMG and V6.
Works ok, but the whole thing is a bit too heavy when you want to print fast.



This is a customized BLV MINI CUBE which is a remix of 3d Mini Cube

Silicondamper Mount for heatbed


If you use silicone dampers on your heated bed instead of the springs, the original bed holders are too small.
So here is the modified version...

3xSFU1204 kinematic leveling Z


This is my take on the BLV MGN cube motion system!
For Z I chose a tripple Z setup using SFU1204 ballscrews and standard BK/BF10 bearing blocks.

Afterburner Galileo Clockwork


In the files you will also find a variant for assembling an original Orbiter Extruder, so you don't have to print the printed parts that depict the Orbiter, but only what is necessary for...

BLV Orbiter V2.0 Mount


Since its working fine for me for about 100 hours now, i decided to make a first release. If you find any problems / suggestions, please let me know!

bed cable sleeve mount


This is an addon for the awesome BLV mgn Cube 3D printer.
This mod lets you secure the bed cables on the z carriage and the back of the printer to relief strain on the wires.

BLV cube 10mm belt


BLV Cube 1605 Ball screw


This design is an upgrade for BLV cube
Only suitable for 1605 ball screw and Jiuli z-axis CNC upgrade

Mosquito NF-Crazy

Jan Jensen

Direct Drive hotend for BLV mgn Cube.
Mosquito or NF-Crazy hotend with adaptor for 40x40x20 fan
BL Touch
5020 Part cooling fan

Biqu H2 Mount

Loris G

Mount for BIQU H2 Extruder that works only on BLV with metal kit. 5015 blower needed.

HTD 3M 9mm belt

Drucki MCDruck

This upgrade for Bens awesome BLV MGN cube introduces bigger belts (9mm wide) and reinforced belt mounts while...

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