BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer

Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is BLV mgn Cube - an open-source 3D printer project. building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on

mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency

and high print quality.

blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


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This is your place, my dear friends.

Whenever I'll find aBLV mgn Cube cool upgrade, remix, or add-on, I will try to put it on the list immediately, over time the list will grow. I would be very happy if you would share your remixes with me. So feel free to send me a message on Discord or Facebook with the link and I would love to check it.

PrusaPrints - Click here for the community upgrades on the PrusaPrints site.

Thingiverse - Click here to see the community remixes and upgrades on the Thingiverse site.


Helmet Extruder

BLV mgn cube Helmet Extruder

This is a complete direct drive print head assembly designed for the BLV mgn cube by Ben Levi. It takes inspiration from Ben's original Twin Blower but aims to make a few improvements.

Emil Sahlén

Orbiter Toolhead

Orbiteo/Orbiter Toolhead

Orbiteo is a toolhead alternative for BLV MGN printer. This is a remix of former Galileo from Voron Project. I liked the minimal footprint of what he did first and wanted to have it for my BLV MGN, with some modifications.

Guillaume Sartre



This is a BLV project that comes from Ben Levi, and its name is BLV MGN Cube.We've made some optimizations on top of that, and we hope you like it.
These print files are suitable for FYSETC BLV mgn Cube 3D printer. We have made some improvements...


NF Sunrise Adapter

NF Sunrise Adapter

I got a NF Sunrise Extruder from mellow and needed a Mount for the BLV Cube Metal Kit.
You will need 2 M3x10 and 3 M3x8 (5 M3x10 should be also ok)

Peter Grossmann



EVA is a carriage platform for MGN rail based printers. The main goal is to support what people may have laying around or have easy access to. EVA is trying to implement that goal.

Paweł Kucmus

Bondtech LGX-FF Mount

Bondtech LGX-FF Mount for BLV Kit Metal

Mount for LGX-FF Kit that works only on the metal kit for BLV MGN CUBE.

Loris G

BLV NF Crazy and Orbiter

BLV NF Crazy and Orbiter 1.5 Extruder

This is my current print head setup for my BLV Cube. Orbiter 1.5 mounted on a minimal plate on top of the carriage. NF Crazy mounted in the V6 locker. 4010 hotend cooling fan. Dual 4020 fans for cooling. Neopixel 16 LED ring. Cable routing mast...

Perry Nguyen

HTD 3M 9mm belt

BLV MGN Cube - HTD 3M 9mm belt upgrade

This upgrade for Bens awesome BLV MGN cube introduces bigger belts (9mm wide) and reinforced belt mounts while it tries to keep compatibility as much as possible

Drucki MCDruck

Biqu H2 Mount

Biqu H2 Mount for BLV Kit Metal

Mount for BIQU H2 Extruder that works only on BLV with metal kit. 5015 blower needed.

Loris G

Mosquito NF-Crazy

Mosquito NF-Crazy

Direct Drive hotend for BLV mgn Cube.
Mosquito or NF-Crazy hotend with adaptor for 40x40x20 fan
BL Touch
5020 Part cooling fan

Jan Jensen