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BLV Ender 3 Pro - Upgrade project

Hi friends, after a lot of hard work the new open source project is alive. This upgrade will boost up your Ender 3 Pro performance. Your Ender 3 Pro will be more silent, rigid, accurate and provide high quality prints. No more worn out POM wheels.. no more eccentric adjustments, no more lose / free play on-axis. Just pure accurate motion on all the axis using Linear rails!

Instead of using elastic 3d printed parts as adapters, I designed 16 parts that are fully aluminum CNC machined for maximum rigid structure.

As always, the projects will be Open-source ☺️ and I trying my best to make it affordable and accessible to all. by giving all my hard work (200+ hours) for free (non-profit project) to the manufacturer and saving the development cost - the manufacturers are willing to produce the kit for cheap.

Some of the features:

  • all the parts are aluminum anodized parts!

  • Linear rails on all the axis (X,Y,Z).

  • easy installation (assembly 1.5h top).

  • Dual drive extruder

  • Option for Dual Z (extra stepper / single stepper with dual TR8).

  • new and improved Y carriage

  • Direct drive option (Triangelab DDE setup with V6)

  • Mosquito adapter (work in progress)

  • dedicated hotend led lighting

  • SKR mini E3 (tmc 2209) or original creality board.

  • all CAD files are available.

  • SKR filament smart sensor support

  • Currently testing the kit on CR-10/Ender 3 (regular) without the Bed.

  • and more...

Guys as always, I made a 3d assembly video, instructions, and more useful data.

Have fun 🤩


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