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BLV Metal Kit II, BLV carbon - new stock, and more

First of all, I want to thank you all for your support, I really appreciate you guys.

My time is short today, I still have to go back and work on the new BLV metal kit II (yes, you read that right) but I wanted to update you on a few things:

  • BLV Metal KIT II - for BLV Cube 3d printer.

  • BLV Carbon X-axis - new stock.

Also, I want to share with you my first impressions about setups I'm about to test later

  • Orbiter V2 and Trianglelab Rapido..

BLV Metal Kit II

Before starting the work on the new BLV Metal kit II for the BLV cube, I wanted you to share with me your needs and your thoughts. so I opened a new discussion on the BLV Facebook group and asked for your help. I wanted to thank each and every one of you who bothered to write, ask and share - Your requests are very important to me, as they reflect what the community member really needs from a printer. So Thank you guys.

I can reassure you that it will take quite some time to finish designing the new kit and it is not a matter of a month or two but a little more. In the meantime, I must point out that a number of things you have requested have been confirmed and will be part of the new Metal kit II.

The new planned Metal KIT will include use, among other things a 9mm belt confirmed. larger 20T gates bearings - smooth and teethed, high accuracy shoulder bolts, lighter parts for x-carriage, triple z-axes (checking new mechanism), rear tensioner - more suitable for a full enclosure, acceleration sensor mount (Thank you David), and even easier installation.

I also want to make the front plate of the X-carriage completely flat. so it will be easier to mount extruders like the NF-sunrise and BIQU H2/H2O extruders. for that, I changed the belt's lockers position and moved them to the rear of the plate. don't worry, I will add many threaded holes to the X- panels to make them more light and suitable for many hotends and extruders types. I'm so excited! 🤩😍

BLV Carbon X-axis new stock!

Guys, you left me speechless...

Within a few hours, all Mellow's BLV carbon X-axis stock was gone. Unfortunately, he finished producing only 43pcs of it - just a few days before the Chinese holiday. He already informed me that in just a couple of days they will be back and will start making new stock. A few lucky community members have already received the carbon and uploaded videos and I was very impressed. I got feedback from the first 30pcs of the Beta beta test and it's really good.

I came across a number of questions, about the carbon rods, that I want to answer:

  1. The carbon tube outer dimension is not exactly 20mm, what should I do? answer: You shouldn't worry about it. It is very common to have a deviation of 0.3~1mm on the square tube outer dimensions. it has no effect on the printer performance/accuracy. don't forget that the X-carriage is fixed to the rail and it is just a matter of a different z height.

  2. It is not exactly 460mm but 460.8mm, can I use it? Answer: Yes, the BLV Y/X system can handle even a 1.5mm deviation. The only thing you need to do is to release the Y rails screws a bit and re-align it according to the new Carbon tube. very simple.

  3. On my BLVX-axis Carbon, there are oval holes only on one side, why? Answer: I decided to make oval holes only on one side. this way the system will be more reliable yet flexible for changes between each build.

  4. Some of the bottom holes are not sanded. Answer: To be honest I'm a bit disappointed about that, Mellow is a well-known high-quality manufacturer. I think they rushed and shipped a few last pcs without QC (quality checks) because of the Chinese holiday. But, you can easily fix it, Please be careful with the carbon sharp fibers, use good gloves and sand the edges of the hole with a small pile - it's very easy to do and would require only a couple of minutes.

I also received 3 feedback with quality issues (Over Sanding, damaged corners). so I asked Mellow and he immediately offered to send a replacement. Quality is very important to him. Overall I'm very happy with the results and for all those who have already received the NEW BLV carbon x-axis - enjoy it.

Orbiter V2 + Trianglelab Rapido

I started testing a few hotend-extruders setups, and I wanted to share first impressions. So far I have tested Mellow's NF-sunrise which has done an amazing job. I then tried a new setup: LDO Orbiter V2 combined with the Triangelab Rapido hotend. Without a doubt, Robert's new orbiter v2 by LDO is fantastic just don't forget to re-adjust the hobbed wheel. I loved the fact it came with all the needed instructions, including marlin, Klipper, and RRF settings - well done!

Mine came with the sensor, I printed the needed part for it and I must say I absolutely love the design. I manage to get uniform layers, without problems even at very high speeds.

regarding the Trianglelab Rapido -It's a really good hotend. with the Bondtech CHT nozzle, I was able to print at 300mm/s and still get impressive results in detailed models, as you can see below.

However, The Rapido became a bit redundant after e3d set a really low price for their's new Revo SIX/micro, pre-order only £69.90 compared to Rapido sold for 90$. I tried to perform nozzle swaps with the Rapido couple of times. it went great until filament residues got stuck in the internal thread and prevented me from locking the nozzle properly. Although it took me quite some time to clean the filament from the inside. But in the end, I was able to use it again.

Stay tuned, later I will publish a new post about a few more setups I'm testing :)


Ben Levi 🤩

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