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BLV mgn Cube - Sealand Full kit unboxing

So i decided to build another BLV mgn Cube only this time it's going to be much easier since it's going to be assembled using the full Sealand Kit from here LINK

i'm a bit embarrassed to say that Peter from Sealand gave me a small symbolic discount on the shipping cost although I didn't ask, Thank you Blurolls Lu

anyway, it came after about two weeks ago. I must say the packaging is absolutely fantastic. It has an EPE cut to specific parts - impressive! All the parts were there and nothing was missing, it was nice to find the parts list in the package too...

The package had 3 parts:

  1. Black panels, Heated bed, Spring steel, PEI.

  2. Rails, brackets, and electronics.

  3. Frame and Screws

The first thing I noticed is the Anodized aluminum extrusions. It's so great to have a colored profile after the cut and not before (an expensive process). also, he added 4 color samples to show me the colors,I must say the colors are beautiful.

As expected from an ORIGINAL HIWIN rails - perfection! to be honest the rails are 25% of the kit value - worth every penny.

I am so happy right now and i just wanted to share it with you. Hope you will like the video i made ☺️👍

two things: I wish the DuetWifi would be v1.04 and not v1.03 although there is no difference and no effect on the quality/functionality of the board. second: I kind of disliked the matte finish of the V6 and prefer it natural, but it's only a matter of personal taste.

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