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GIVAWAY (finished)!!!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

BIGTREETECH new GTR bundle giveaway!

As promised , a a new giveaway started!!!

5 x happy winners will get a set of the new:

most of us already familiar with BIGTREETECH SKR fantastic boards. i feel pretty comfortable to say I really like this board. many features for an affordable price..

  • 32bit fast CPU

  • 11 x replaceable drivers!! - with M5 extension board

  • efficient cooling

  • support k-type thermocouple sensor

  • Raspberry PI onboard connector

  • dedicated Bltouch/sensors/can/I2C connector

  • USB socket

  • and many many more features..

in short, another great board from BIGTREETECH.

Huge thank you to BIGTREETECH for their generous contribution👏🙏


HOW to join the giveaway

In order to get a chance and win BIGTREETECH GTR+M5 you will have to complete these steps:

If you have a BLV printer:

  1. Share with your Facebook friends on your facebook wall the best printing results you have printed using your BLV printer. in your post, please add the following two links:

  2. comment here on this post and attach the picture of your best-printed item printed with your BLV printer. one comment per community member/user.

if you dont' have BLV printer yet:

  • you can still get a chance to win a BIGTREETECH fantastic board set: Just share the links mentioned above with your facebook friends on your facebook wall, and comment on this post however, please mind that your chances of winning will be smaller..

Note: If a winner does not fulfill one of the conditions, the prize will be passed on to the next in the queue list.

The giveaway will end on the 20/06/20

good luck my friends! 🤩😍

congartulations to the lucky winners!!

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