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Move your LED's to the front without soldering?


"Moving" the board indicators leds to the front without any soldering The DuetWifi board has number of indicator leds for the heated bed, endstops, power, diag, status and more.

i think i found a simple, clean and fast way to "move" the leds to the front using a cheap sound optic cable (cost 3$ for 10m). So, i ordered 20m of optic cable and started to model a concept parts, and guess what? it worked !!

So how i made this concept:

  • buy 2 x 10m of optic cable for 6$ from HERE

  • i modeled these tiny mounts models - download from HERE

  • use sculpt knife to clean cut the optic cable to 1.6m~ long wires.

  • mount the "optic cables board mount" part to the board (picture attached). then slide 5 optic cables (1.6m~ long) to the mount.

  • install the "Front Panel optic cable indicators" using M5+Tnut screw and slide the cables end to the holes of the panel.

Please note

Mind the files i provided are more like concept version :) . You can make even better front panels with text (just an idea) or combine the cables inside the front panels. After getting some feedback from you guys, i will add it to the poject.

you are more then welcome to post your remix for this concept here. note: files under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license

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