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New 3D printering Parts for Testing

So lately I tested parts before adding to the BOM list. looking to add more links of quality parts and i found - Mellow store at Aliexpress. first, It's very important to me to mention I paid the full amount for the parts without any discount or so - in short, no one paid me to write it.

All metal BMG dual drive extruder

After two weeks using it, i honestly think it's the best extruder i have used. most of the previous extruders failed to align the filament to the center. Only Mellow all-metal, Trianglelab, and Sealand BMG extruders managed to align the Filament to the center correctly. it's CNC machined, accurate and very reliable. Since it weighs almost twice then a regular one, i would recommend you to use it only on Bowden setup. although it will perform exactly as a regular one - I really like using it due to his robust shell.

Ruby Nozzle 0.4 / 1.75

i had to print a carbon mount. Before that I used a Steel nozzle - it worked but steel act a bit different than a brass nozzle (Thermo reaction delay). so i decided to test the Mellow's Ruby nozzle. the throat polished, edges are chamfered. had the best experience printing carbon - defiantly a keep! in a safe 🤣

623zz flanged Ball bearings

these are very important! unfortunately, few members bought an expensive bearing from amazon and got trash which gave them a really bad experience and low-quality printing. I had before the 0.05+/- bearings and decided to try the +/-0.005 tolrance (option 3) - excellent bearings highly recommended. almost none exist free play an the screw.

the other parts:

was surprised to see how well the brass block was made, however, I have not tested it yet since it's much heavier than the aluminum block i use. Take a look at the photos of the aluminum block - it's an art, i really pleased with the quality and especially excited to see sensor/heater combo - the sensor has a crimped case! The nozzles are also high quality (not tested yet the steel). I checked also the new GT2 pulleys, you will immediately notice the perfect edges, the teeth angle and the polish it's an improvement but no noticeable difference with the print quality. however, i do think it worth the price.

I updated the BOM links and since i know a few will ask:

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