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Silicone Wiper/cleaner (Beta)

After replacing my nuzzle with Mellow's Ruby nuzzle, i found under my lab microscope that the old nuzzle's hole shape heavily destroyed by the brass brush. under a lab microscope and found it was heavily damaged by the brass brush. So, the best solution is using a silicone wiper, but it's pretty difficult to find one that will be available for anyone anywhere. oh wait we do have one - The cheap accessible V6 hotend silicone sock :) till now I have seen someone using it (please correct me if i am wrong).

How to make:

  • Grab a V6 silicone sock and cut it as I have done in the pics

  • insert it to it's place and lock the two parts with an M3x10 screw and M3 nut.

  • install it with the original cleaner mount.

The files are available inside BLV mgn Cube 3D Printer project (files section) Hope you would like it

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