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Design with your heart,

make with your mind

and share with those

who taught you ...

About me

My story is very simple, many years ago I gained my 3d knowledge from the old community forums. Every single comment and thread was gold to me and others, building the basics for what we all have today. 
Making the BLV 3d printers projects was really hard and took 300+ hours each. Yes, it's wasn't easy, especially when you got a lovely wife, two wonderful little kids, and a day job (which is not related to 3d printing). but this "Thing" is my therapy... I think. Healing my soul and giving me back the passion I thought was lost. I really don't mind sharing my work. 11 years ago, the 3D FDM 3d printers patent expired, so sharing experiences was the base of what we are having now. imagine if we had none of this and each one kept his finds and work to himself.
I hope it could give you an idea of what I believe in my friends...

Sincerely yours

Ben Levi

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