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BLV Klipper Mainsail Theme and Carbon X-axis

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Carbon X-axis

In my work (Autonomous Drones Dev-Lab) I use CNC machined carbon parts on a daily basis. recently, I've noticed that CNC machined carbon's price has dropped significantly.

A carbon tube is significantly lighter than aluminum extrusion. The low weight reduces some of the load from the motion system, which helps to achieve better performance.

So, I pulled out an old Carbon X-axis design I made 2 years ago. it's an X-axis carbon tube combined with rivet nuts for fixing the rails, saving the hassle of inserting nuts along the entire length of the tube. only 2 Gigs are needed for the edges, to hold the M5 nuts.

back in July, I tried 4 different carbon services found on Aliexpress - They all failed. Some weren't accurate, some told me a minimum of 100pcs, and others simply just couldn't combine rivet nuts without making it stick out of the carbon's outer walls.

finally, I asked mellow, sent him the plans. two weeks later he sent me a video of the BLV Carbon X-axis:

I don't have it yet and I have not tested it, Most of you are familiar with Mellow's high-quality products. Hope to get it soon and test it. I have some concerns about the thickness of the tube and a deep fear the rivet will be loose over time without Epoxy or a thicker tube. My backup plan is a safe solution - having Only holes without a Rivet and using a long Jig to Hold the M3 nuts. need to test it first... If it will survive my tests, I will ask Mellow to add it to his store.

At this point, I must mention again that I have no profit from it and Not from Mellow. BUT I thank him and appreciate him for supporting the project and making prototypes for testing.

Klipper Mainsail Theme

and so I moved from Fluidd to Mainsail and I'm happy. for those who don't know, Klipper has few User interfaces to choose from. So far I have used Fluidd but soon I found out that Fluidd has not been updated for several weeks because the main developer has left the project.

Therefore, I decided to move on to Mainsail which became popular lately.

The installation process was very convenient, and It is highly recommended to install the MainsailOS image on your Raspberry sd-card. it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Just follow the installation guide here.

After a short use, I createed a BLV Theme for the Mainsail UI and wanted to share it with you:

You can download the BLV Mainsail Theme pack from here:

BLV Mainsail klipper theme
Download ZIP • 210KB

in order to install, please check this link or follow this guide:

Quick Installation guide:

  1. Download the file and extract

  2. Under "machine" menu, click on the Gear icon and enable the "show hidden files" option.

  3. create a “.theme” folder in your config folder.

  4. Upload all the files from the Zip files into .theme folder

  5. hit Ctrl+F5 and Enjoy.

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