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BLV Ender 3 V2


I am very excited to introduce to you my new BLV Ender 3 V2 Upgrade project.

designed for the popular Creality BLV Ender 3 V2 - 3D printer. The project's goal is to take your beloved Creality BLV Ender 3 V2 printer to the next level. By using CNC aluminum parts, mgn12 and mgn9 linear rails, New improved Heated Bed, Direct Drive Orbiter extruder, Nf-Zone Hotend and many more. you will gain maximum accuracy, efficiency, and high print quality.

BLV Ender 3 V2.png


Coming Very Soon !

Status: Testing (400h Printing / Left: 121h)

  • Linear rails on all AXIS for maximum precision. 
    Lightweight mgn9 Linear rail on X-axis, Using the original Belt path. mgn12 on the Z and Y-axis.

  • CNC aluminum machined parts - unlike the Previous Ender 3 Pro kit, which had mostly Metal sheet parts, The New upgrade has CNC Aluminium machined parts for high accuracy. No more non-accurate corner brackets! There are only 2 metal sheet parts used as extruder adapters.

  • Dual Z + True auto-leveling activated

  • New upgraded magnetic Light weight Heated Bed - 9 fixing points + Spring steel sheet.

  • included: High efficiency Direct drive extruder mount

  • FLY RRF E3 board (Reprap/Duet) + fine-tuned config

  • and many more...

BLV Ender 3 V2.png
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