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BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer

Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is BLV mgn Cube - an open-source 3D printer project. building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on

mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency

and high print quality.

blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


  1. Read, understand and prepare yourself

    Start with reading the Thing description and "more info links" section, watch the 3d animations, explore the printer 3D model with the 3d viewer, read the pages I linked in the "more info" sections and make sure you understand the printer structure.

  2. Get the parts

    The waiting - is the most frustrating part. make sure you got all the needed parts. prepare spares of T-nuts, screws and so on. If you have decided to use your own electronics, make sure you know how to correctly configure the firmware of your board.

  3. build

    now the building process begins... Know that it isn't going to be easy as building a pre-made kit. Prepare all the tools you need and please use a good corner alignment tool, it is crucial to have a precise structure for excellent printing results. it is advised to use also the provided JIGS, the assembly will be much easier. Don't forget to tap holes on the corners and check if its an M5/M6 screw (depends on your extrusions manufacture). Take your time when fixing the rails to the extrusions. I found a good quick video tutorial made by 3D distributed, showing an easy way to align parallel rails. Don't forget to reward yourself after the rails installations - you deserve it :)

  4. Electronics installation

    Install your Electronics carefully. Check your connections and wiring diagram closely and make sure everything hooked up correctly. don't take any shortcuts and use the right tools and parts. the Power cable should be the last thing to connect.

  5. Software, Tests and Calibrations

    Update your DuetWifi board to the latest version and upload all the provided config to the sd-micro card, then insert it to your board and power up the system. make sure that the Mini IR sensor blinks 4 times right after powering the printer. please don't move the axis before checking endstop response. Try to home the printer - the printer should move to the left and then to the rear for the printer. if it isn't - check ou motors wiring and config. calibrate your Z height and check your sensors reading (temp). Please make sure to do a PID calibration for both the bed and the hotend sensors - This is very important, otherwise your prints will fail. if everything looks good load filament and print a calibration cube and so on.

  6. print

    Enjoy your printer and give her love when needed :)

    maintain your printer by greasing the rails with a Synthetic grease with PTFE or sewing machine oil. Keep the rails clean and the belts tight. Also, Clean your PEI build plate with alcohol after every print. If you are using the Air scrubber - please replace the HEPA filter when needed.

  7. Post an "I made one" pictures

    Show the world your new 3D printer and be proud of your creation:)

    I would appreciate it if you could please upload your newly built 3D printers pics. Knowing that it helped you create your own 3D printer - for me, it's worth all the hard work and many hours that I spent in this project.

  8. Remix & Share

    I am 100% sure that there are many ways to make this printer even better. this is why I gave you the source file of the Printer. Make it better by sharing your remixes with this awesome community :)


passion for 3D printing


3D Printing knowledge 

Technical ability


Spare Time



03/02/19: added Jigs
06/02/19: Printing orientation description added + image
07/02/19: added Printer size calculator (Excel file) and info
09/02/19: now BOM calculator file supports Threaded rods length
09/02/19: added block shield for Bltouch, 8mm,and 12mm sensors.
09/02/19: front panel for smartphone.stl - fixed
15/02/19: electronics schematics updated (dual extruder + buttons)
16/02/19: added BMG direct drive extruder (3 STL files + instructions)
16/02/19: added Big Air Scrubber - HEPA+Carbon (working on instructions)
17/02/19: renamed back the 8mm/12mm mounts
17/02/19: added walls dimensions pdf
18/02/19: added Calibration Z height guide
25/02/19: added Zesty Nimble front plate and block shield
26/02/19: Belt system V2 updated - Please use only flanged 623zz ball bearing+flip belt.
28/02/19: fixed Z-height calibration guide
08/03/19: added spitfire fan cover
08/03/19: added Front plate for Chimera (not suitable for layer fan/sensor)
18/03/19: Wiring diagram fixed.
19/03/19: added Step file (CAD) for the DirectDrive setup.
20/03/19: added DWG for the (bottom, Rear, sides) Panels
25/03/19: small fix: Front Panel - Left plate for PanelDue 5 STL file
31/03/19: Fw updated - added M80 PS_ON command on startup.
04/04/19: added DXF (vector file) for the enclosure panels.
16/04/19: Wiring diagram updated v3.2
16/04/19: added steppers setup guide for others steppers brand/batches
17/04/19: updated Simplify3D profile v1.2 (added: M81 S1 end script)
17/04/19: added Neopixel wiring diagram (Beta) and Mimasx Code.
01/05/19: added STL panels for PanelDue 4.3 and MKS TFT32 V4 (not supported by duet)
10/05/19: fixed V6 locker by decreasing the fan screws holes to 2.7mm.
11/05/19: added E3D high temp 314x314 bed size
12/05/19: added quick frame wire holders (based on samella design and thing:2576237)
19/05/19: fixed typo - purge message box
24/05/19: added support for Ender-3 bed size
11/06/19: added Hotend and Heated bed PID tuning Quick guide
25/06/19: added picture that demonstrates how to flip the belts on the rear
01/07/19: added a link for all the screws kit
05/07/19: added wiring diagram for using 12v fans on a 24v system
21/07/19: added optional frame reinforcement for higher Z-axis builds
03/08/19: added New updated Neopixel code by Claus Noack - works!
03/08/19: added updated neopixel wiring version 2.2b
09/08/19: added Powerful twin 4010 blower fan option (layers fan) for Bowden and direct!
13/09/19: added step files for the new twin fans


01/01/20 - Silicone wiper upgrade (replace the brass brush)

Feb - aug 2020 was working on this new BLVprojects website

04/07/20: added a new website for the project!!

29/08/20 - added METAL KIT UPGRADE- replace all the printed parts !!!

30/08/20 - New experimental BL-touch mount for metal kit

09/11/20 - New blind Joints frame for easy and accurate frame assembly

15/11/20 - added Trianglelab Matrix direct drive extruder adapter

19/11/20 - NEW PID procedure update (DUET-Reprap)

12/02/21 - added a COB leds upgrade for for the BLV mgn Cube

13/02/21 - New config + wiring diagram for DUET 3 6HC

06/03/21 - Added BIQU H2 direct-drive bracket adapter + fan duct

24/03/21 - new Discord channel started

22/05/21 - New complete BLV mgn Cube kit by FYSETC

18/07/21 - New step-by-step assembly videos created by FYSETC

04/01/22 - New step-by-step Assembly guide created by David Husolo

24/01/22 - New Front Panel beta testing

06/03/22 - added official support for Klipper (download page)

06/06/22 - added New Panel files

28/10/22 - links updated

28/10/22 - Huge BOM update + Upgrades:

  • New Magnetic Triple Z axis option (MJF parts)

  • New 8mm Magnetic Mic6 BED + Silicone heater

  • New PET+PEI steel build plate setup

  • New ToolChanger E3D clone option!! (by Funssor)

  • New X-axis Aluminium CNC Tube 460mm

  • New X-axis Carbon fiber Tube 460mm

  • Klipper + Reprap new boards update

  • Support 48V TMC 5160 drivers!

  • New 6 Hotend/extruder setup options! 

29/10/22 - All broken links for: screws , Filaments, tools updated.​

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