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BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer

Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is BLV mgn Cube - an open-source 3D printer project. building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on

mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency

and high print quality.

blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


Well done, at the stage you should have all the parts needed to build the printer. This is the most exciting stage and it's requires extra attention. for this stage, you should have tools at hand.

It is highly recommended to prepare the following tools:

At this point, all the parts need- assembling the printer. In the past, the assembly was relatively long, but with the new upgrades, it has become shorter and easier than ever. The New Blind Joints frame saves up to 70% of the time and The Metal kit save ton of printing hours and much easier installation. The following steps will help you in building whether you have the upgrades or not. Please note, I am currently working on a detailed step-by-step guide that will be available in the future and will be based on the FYSETC kit and the METAL KIT kit..

Online 3D viewer

Don't forget the 3D viewer. at any point, you can use it and you will be able to explore, measure, isolate or view parts and components using your browser.

BLV mgn Cube - Full 3D viewer

Isolated Frame - 3D Viewer

Isolated Panels/Walls - 3D viewer


Step by Step Guides

Choose your BLV mgn Cube guide

At this point, you have the option to choose which of the guides to choose.

  • The original project guide which is divided into several parts and also covers the FYSETC kit. Integrated explanations and videos.

  • An excellent step-by-step guide which shows in detail each step and how to assemble each component. The guide was written by a very talented person I appreciate

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Step-by-step guide by David Husolo

Click the Button for David Husolo's Step-by-step full guide (for fysetc KIT)


Assembling the metal kit or 3D printed parts?

There is a big difference between assembling the 3D printed parts and assembling the Metal Kit. Please follow the instructions according to your choice.

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all kit small-min.png

3D printed parts assembly

The next step is for those who have the metal kit. Please click on the next button, to go to the 3d printed parts section

METAL KIT Assembly

Please sort all the parts of the kit you received, separate the various screw bolts, washers and bearings.

At this point your frame should already be fully assembled and ready to receive the kit parts.

I have made for you 3D videos which show you how to install all the metal kit parts on the printer.

Please follow the instructions and try to be precise.

Left X mount - assembly video

please use only the plates with the "L" mark

on them. Do not use plates with "R" marking. 

Right X mount - assembly video

please use only the plates with the "R" mark

on them. Do not use plates with "L" marking.

Left rear corner - assembly video

Please pat attention to the Length of

the motor Standoff.

Right rear corner - assembly video

Please pat attention to the Length of

the motor Standoff.

Left Tensioner - assembly video

Please make sure to use only parts with

an "L" or "Left" marking.

Right Tensioner - assembly video

Please make sure to use only parts with

an "R" or "Right" marking.

Z Motor mount - assembly video

Z Top mount - assembly video

X Carriage - assembly video

please min that the Belts locker is experimental. I personally prefer using a zip tie instead.

Before completing the Hotend assembly, it is recommended to stop, then assemble the belt as will be explained in the following steps and then return here to complete the Hotend assembly.

BLV mgn Cube assembly with 3D printed Parts

Choose your assembly guide

Until a while ago, there was only one guide and it consisted of animated videos and written text.

Recently, FYSETC store released a series of step-by-step videos, guiding you thru all the steps and showing in detail how to assemble the entire BLV mgn Cube 3D printer including the frame, electronics, mechanics, printed parts - in short, everything! They did an amazing job and I highly recommend watching the videos - even if you have the metal parts.

You can still see the old original guide too..

improved step by step video guide - provided by FYSETC.

The Old video Guide

click this button to skip to the old guide

Full frame assembly

showing you how to assemble the Blind joints frame

Video guide step 1

Video guide step 2

Video guide step 3

Video guide step 4

Video guide step 5

Video guide step 6

final - Video guide step 7

HUGE appreciation to the wonderful guys from FYSETC store who worked very hard to create this wonderful step-by-step video guide.  Thank you guys!

belt system

The Original BLV mgn Cube Assembly Guide

Main Frame

The first stage will be the main 3d printer frame.

It is highly recommended at this stage to prepare all the necessary tools near you and the aluminium extrusion.

in addition to the necessary tools, please use the printed installation Jig (Jig_Main.stl) which will help you install the extrusions exactly at the right place, It is recommended to print two units of it.

Below you will see two drawings and a 3D picture that allow you to understand where each profile should be installed as part of the mainframe. Click on the picture to enlarge or download. Please measure each profile individually and sort them by length, this will make the installation process easier for you.

If you are using the new Blind Joints frame, please watch the following video, If not please skip to the next step.

Blind Joints Frame

This video made by the awsome guys from FYSETC company - will guide and show you how exctely to assemble your BLV mgn Cube Blind joints frame. I highly recommend watching the video and paying attention to each and every step. It was filmed in a way that would be easy for any user to the assemble his own Blind joints frame. Please note, it is clear that in this video they used the framework of the blind joints that can be found in the Fysetc kit, so if you have other kits, there may be some changes.

If you Don't know what a Blind joints frame is, check this short video :)

I attached a video of a community member named Harel, who shared on Youtube a video showing the new Blind Joints frame assembly, the video demonstrates how simple the new frame assembly is and how to do it, using only the Allen key:

The Original BLV mgn Cube frame

The Following video is actually the original frame assembly video of the project, showing the entire original frame assembly process (not the Blind Joints frame) without shortcuts:

mind that due to some limitations, the video isn't showing the brackets and how to fix the extrustions to each other. all of the frame extrustions being held using the brackets as you can see in the image below:


BLV mgn Cube - Frame Overview

Here you can watch a 3D video tour, showing you the BLV mgn Cube 3d printer original frame with all the brackets.

Explore the BLV mgn Cube Frame using This amazing 3D viewer!

In addition to all these assembly videos and drawings, I have prepared for you a 3D model that you can use. This is a very convenient tool that allows you to explore the BLV mgn Cube frame in a 3D virtual platform, measure and understand the frame - without installing any 3D software. 

old guide

The Original BLV mgn Cube Assembly Guide

Original BLV mgn Cube Assembly

Please sort all the parts of the kit you received, separate the various screw bolts, washers and bearings.

At this point your frame should already be fully assembled and ready to receive the kit parts.

I have made for you 3D videos which show you how to install all the metal kit parts on the printer.

Please follow the instructions and try to be precise.

Belt System

This little xection is important to everyone, no matter if you have the Metal Kit or the 3d printed parts. The picture shows the belts configuration and how they should be installed in the 3d printer. Note, the only difference in the metal kit is - you will use 0.6mm washers for the Metal Kit as the assembly video shows.



Please flip the belts on the rear, so that only the Belt's flat side will touch the bearings:


Front Belts tensioner assembly

This video will guide you on how to install the two front thrillers. Be careful not to cut the belt while putting it in place. Also, most parts have markings. The letter R means - right. The letter L means left.

click to enlarge the picture

BLV mgn Cube front tensioner

Y Axis assembly video

Installation of all Y-axis parts. Please smooth as possible areas where the bearings will be installed. Also, pay attention to the markings on the parts.

Z AXIS assembly video

Video explaining the Z-axis installation process. It is recommended to use a tape to prevent the mgn12 carriage from getting out while installing the linear rails.


Front Panels assembly video

Please pat attention to the Length of

the motor Standoff.


Rear corners Assembly

These assemblies are relatively simple. Unfortunately during making the assembly video the software crashed few times. So I had to settle for the above drawing. The screws for all the bearings are 35mm long. In the drawing you will find exactly where to use ech screw. The belt system from the previous section has a 3d picture showing the bearings location. I hope in the future all the kits will come with a metal kit which is easy to install and takes less than 5 minutes.



The original BLV mgn Cube had a Bowden and a Direct Drive option officially.

The Metal Kit has a Bowden option with Twin blowers and as a direct drive it has a Biqu H2 and Matrix setups.

But that's not all... Actually, the amazing community behind the BLV project has created a huge variety of hotends for all the versions. a variety of shapes and features that can even be customsied, You will find even a Tool changer!!!.

I highly recommend going into the community section and choose the Hotends version which suit your needs.

I have added here a few versions of the BLV hotend, it will help you assemble you hotends and find the exact autolevling coardinates too.

BLV Cube Tool Changer

tool changer.jpg

Community Remixes

The whole essence of the project is for the benefit of the 3D community, so it is no surprise that you could find the best solutions for you within the community itself.

There are a huge variety of upgrades, remixes, innovations and new features for the BLV project, that you might like.
I have gathered the all best in one place especially for you, feel free to explore the community section and choose the most suitable remix for you.

EVA 2.3.0 Supported


Optional components

Reinforcement for bigger Z builds

I highly recommend to anyone who plans to build a larger Z Height than the standard size to add a 496mm reinforcing Extrusion at the top - just below the front tension as shown in the pictures below. It will maintain a stable frame even when it comes to a height z build.


AIR SCRUBBERS: HEPA + Activated Carbon

The project has two types of air purifiers: small and large. As is well known, during the printing process, particles are emitted into the air that we may breathe. There is a good chance that it is correct to filter them with the help of these filters.


Note that the fan should be installed in such a way that the polluted air is thrown onto the filter. The air passes first through the activated carbon filter and only then through the HEPA filter.


It is recommended to check the filters once a month and replace them if necessary.

Magnetic Heated Bed

The most recommended bed is an aluminum MIC6 bed with an AC heating silicone mat. However, there are 2 problems:

  1. high price - the mic6 aluminum plate is relatively expensive as the heating silicone element.

  2. The danger of electric shock if not installed properly.


Therefore, the safest option is 24V heating surfaces, although they are slower than AC heating but safe to use.
The FYSETC kit comes with a magnetic heating bed made of aluminum with a Buildtak like glass surface on it. the glass is a flat surface and easy to handle while printing.
The original BluRolls kit comes with a PCB bed that I less recommended because it tends to warp at high temperatures.

I suggest sending him a message in private and request to replace the PCB heated bed with his upgraded magnetic metal bed.

These are pictures I took from the FYSETC kit - check my FYSTEC Kit Unboxing

BLV heated bed fysetc (6).jpg
BLV heated bed fysetc (10).jpg
BLV heated bed fysetc (3).jpg

You can also get the bed from the official BOM. The magnetic surface must be installed it exactly order as shown in the picture.


After a long time using the LED strip to illuminate the printing area, I wondered how I could make the LEDs sexier, hidden, and without having to print parts. Also, I was tired of seeing uneven light shining from the diffuser due to the large distance between each LED and LED. So I started researching again and finally came up with another type of LED that more suitable for the BLV mgn Cube 3d printer - COB LED STRIP.

In COB Strip the light-emitting diodes are much smaller than the standard LED strip, which allows a larger amount of light-emitting diodes to be inserted into the strip. In a standard LED strip you will find about 60 LEDs per meter, whereas in COB you will find 360 LEDs per meter. This is 6x times more than a standard strip. This advantage makes it possible to create a uniform light diffusion. Another advantage is the fact that it's manufactured so that the LEDs have a layer of silicone that acts as a diffuser and helps to evenly distribute the light.

Also, using a smaller size diode allows the strip to be narrower. I chose an 8mm width. This allowed me to insert the COB strip into the extrusion channel easily. the COB strip can be cut every 50mm and the intensity of the light can be adjusted too.

BLV mgn Cube COB light strip (1).jpg

The first two strips I ordered from different stores on Aiexpress made me disappointed and I almost gave up. Eventually, I found a reliable store that sold quality COB strips. I chose from product listing options: 6000K Cool White + 24v 360 LEDs + 2 meters. The strips came well packaged, met the specifications, and gave the feeling that this is indeed a high-quality COB strip.

I cut the COB strip according to the marking, (every 50mm) to the appropriate length with scissors and soldered two 26AWG wires. If you do not want or can't solder, you can use this fast connector (choose the "For 8 mm PCB" option). I then threaded the stip easily into the upper aluminum extrusion channels. The electrical wires can be connected in 2 ways:

  • Direct connection to a 24V PSU

  • Duet Fan output - If you choose to connect the COB to a fan outlet, you will be able to control the COB strip intensity by using a slider in the duet's control panel.

In my case, I'm using Fysetc amazing Duet 3 6HC board. so I had to define the lights as a FAN output by adding this line to the Config.g file:    M950 F2 C"out9" Q500 M106 P2 S0.2 H-1 C"Lights"

Then I connected the COB LED's strip wires to OUT9 port on the Duet3 6HC board.

I am very pleased with the end result, the lighting is very efficient, looks good and I have the ability to control the intensity of the lighting through the panel. I could not have asked for anything better. I very much hope this will help those of you who want to add lighting to your printer.