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BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer

Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is BLV mgn Cube - an open-source 3D printer project. building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on

mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency

and high print quality.

blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


Last update: 29/10/22



All the needed parts in one package

BLV box small.png
BLV box small.png


Replace your 3D printed parts with Aluminum parts

New improved frame
20 minutes Assembly!


  • Fast, reliable, accurate
    The linear bearing and Delrin Wheel Gantry are commonly used at most of the low-mid 3d printers as a cheaper solution for linear motion. Well, yeah… it's cheaper; but at the expense of accuracy and reliability. Linear guided rails (MGN rails) increase the overall rigidity, precision and are much smoother than linear bearing or Delrin. Reducing print time without compromising on print quality. There seems to be a good reason why they are commonly found in high-end 3D printers. So, when I found cheap Chinese MGN rails at Aliexpress, I thought to myself why not?

  • Rigid open structure
    I focused my efforts on designing an open front structure that will be rigid as a cubic structure but will also allow easy access to your build plate and prints. The design includes a front belt tensioner to make it even more convenient. It came after spending tons of hours of software simulations and physical stress tests.

  • Accessible
    All the parts are easy to source, print or craft. You will not find in the BOM a specially machined expensive CNC parts or parts that are hard to get - and if you do it will be surprisingly cheap. Most of the parts are printed or can be bought online / locally. Notice that you can use your own electronics - as long as you have the knowledge to adjust the FW to the build.

  • Open Source
    You don't need to ask for the original CAD files, since I already included them inside the project folder. I admire this community and believe that sharing is the main key in order to make this project even better. Feel free to download the CAD files (Step file) and modify, add, remix or improve it as you like. I would appreciate it if you could share it with this awesome community and mark the remixed parts as "remixed", linked to this project page.

  • Build and print
    I spent many hours adjusting the Firmware to this 3D printer and fine-tuning the best slicing profile (in Simplify3D) for it. After building this printer you will only need to upload the config files, load your slicing profile and you are good to go.

  • More modular
    The design is more flexible than you think. The printed parts and structure are designed to be modular. Both the Z height of the printer and the build plate can be increased in size. All you need to purchase is a bigger aluminum profile and MGN rails. The provided CAD file will assist you to calculate the right measurements for your customized "BLV MGN Cube" 3D printer.

  • Easy to build?
    To be honest, the installation of the rails will take 70% of the build time. you will have to be accurate and spend a few hours aligning the rails, but boy.. the joy you will feel when it prints, will be worth every minute you spent installing them. To make it easy on you, I made instructive 3D animation videos, Information PDF, sketches and measurements.

  • balanced budget
    The cost was important, therefore the BOM is balanced to give you the best money-value ratio, without compromising on quality. You will find the best 32bit board a 3D printer can have. Excellent stepper motors, sensors etc. You choose if you want to have a 5" PanelDue touch screen or save 80$ and use your smatphone or Tablet screen without losing any features.



  • Support Reprap and Klipper Firmware!!

  • Input Shaper - Klipper

  • Super fast printing: 9000Acc, 500mm/s - KLIPPER FW.

  • Efficient cooling system

  • SuperSlicer full profile + Simplify3D slicing profile

  • Hepa/Carbon air scrubber

  • Rigid Aluminum Open front frame

  • Option for Dual extrusion

  • Front belts tensioner

  • Mesh Auto-Leveling

  • Internal LED light

  • Blind Joints frame - Fast assembly!

  • Many community remixes and upgrades 

  • Linear rails MGN12H  for high accuracy

  • Full Firmware configs included !

  • High resolution X/Y stepper motors

  • Bed: 300 X 300, Height: 365/465/565mm

  • DuetWifi / Duet 3 / Fysetc spider v2.2 (klipper)

  • Support HV5160 High voltage 48V drivers 

  • Full web interface via Smartphone/Tablet/desktop

  • Electronics at the back

  • Clean and elegant design

  • CNC aluminium machined parts - Metal kit

  • open-source design cad file is available

  • Triple Z - true bed leveling !

  • Huge community


Online 3D viewer

To your convenience, I have added below an Online 3D viewer links. you will be able to explore, measure, isolate or view parts and components using your browser.

BLV mgn Cube - Full 3D viewer

Isolated Frame - 3D Viewer

Isolated Panels/Walls - 3D viewer




  • 300mm X 300mm

  • 350mm X 350mm (custom)


  • 365mm

  • 465mm

  • 565mm

  • 665mm

Build volume-min.png

Printer Videos


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