BLV mgn Cube

3D Printer

Hi, my name is Ben Levi and This is BLV mgn Cube - an open-source 3D printer project. building your own good and reliable 3D printer is the main purpose of this project. Basically, it's an open front structure CoreXY 3D printer, based on

mgn linear rails for maximum accuracy, efficiency

and high print quality.

blv cubg mgn trans-min.png


To build the printer you need mechanical and electrical parts that need to be prepared in advance as well as parts that I designed for the BLV mgn Cube 3d printer. This section will help you figure out where you can get the required parts. I purchased the parts myself, checked them out and organized all the information for you in an optimal way, that will help you understand what you really need for the project.

To get started, you need to make a decision regarding the next two questions  in the following flow chart:

I decided to build the printer!

getting the official METAL KIT or print all the parts?

A large portion of the printer parts needs to be printed. Printing the parts will save you money but takes a long time and skill. after the project came out, I released the "BLV METAL KIT" - an amazing aluminum kit that replace most of the printed parts. Using the aluminum kit has many advantages such as strength, reliability, and accuracy. obviously, The "BLV METAL KIT" is the recommended choice.

Getting the BLV Metal KIT

  • ready to install

  • 10 times more rigid than printed parts

  • accurate

  • Not cheap as printed parts

  • shipping time

3D Print my own BLV parts

  • Cheap

  • Optimal for remix 

  • needs post-process

  • Less rigid

  • Elastic

  • Printing takes a long time

Getting a full kit or purchasing the parts separately?

The remaining electronics and mechanics parts can be found in the list of links (BOM) I made and personally tested one by one. Purchasing all the parts separately will be cheaper but may take a long time due to the shipping. Due to the growing popularity, two stores decided to make full kits for the Project. The kits are more expensive due to the shipping but save a ton of time. The first kit that came out was by Blurolls. Recently an improved kit from FYSETC came out. The new FYSETC kit contains many upgrades and I even reviewed it. The new step-by-step assembly guide is based on the FYSETC kit.


  • Saves you a lot of time

  • Fast Shipping

  • Contains all parts

  • Cost more

Getting the parts separately?

  • Cheaper

  • parts will not arrive at the same time

  • Long delivery time

Which BLV KIT to choose?

There are a number of differences between the complete kits of the project. After testing and reviewing both kits. I found FYSETC kit became my favorite as it has many important upgrades, good support, and high-quality parts. Both have the new Blind joints frame (fast assembly). Please mind that only Blurolls has the Metal KIT included. Also, the next coming step-by-step guide will be based on the FYSETC kit.

  • Cheaper (USA & ES warehouse)

  • Many great upgrades!! Check my review

  • Support (github + Full FW)

  • Superior meanwell 600W PSU

  • upgraded 5" PanelDue LCD v3.0

  • Unique BLV neopixel PCB system

  • faster assembly

  • Tools included

  • convinet wiring system

  • Metal KIT not included

  • HIWIN linear rails 

  • Cheaper light kit version (not supported)

  • Metal KIT included

  • Cost more

  • DuetWifi 2 v1.03 (recommended v1.04)

  • Hotend mid-quality

  • Ask the seller upgrade to Metal Bed



Which Frame should i Get and from where?

Buying the frame from a local store is likely to be cheaper. However, Please note that lately I have released a new upgraded frame which is available online. It's a "BLV blind Joints" frame Which saves 70% of assembly time. It's also more stable and accurate. demo video >

Get a Blind Joints Frame

  • Saves 70% of the assembly time 

  • Easy Assembly Check my review

  • much more accurate and stable

  • bracket free build

  • Cost more

  • Shipping from china/EU/USA warhouse


Purchase from a local store

  • Cheaper

  • Faster shipping

  • Long assembly time

  • Not accurate as Blind Joints frame Kit


OptionalFrame Reinforcement for higher Z axis builds (465mm+)


Getting the frame Kit:
notice that you may be able to get a much cheaper price for the extrusions locally.

Screws and bracket kits:


  • Please be precise and use the correct extrusions without shortcuts. using the 2020 profile instead of 2040 may reduce the frame rigidity.

  • The BOM below is for 365mm Z height, If you wish to build a different size, then use the Calculator excel file named: "BLV_mgn_Cube-Frame_calculator.xlsx" can be found in the project Zip file.

  • It is recommended to use regular European extrusions with mgn rails other than the V-slot type.





Update: Thanks to Jerry.h now we have two good options for rails:

Stepper Motors

Where to get the Steppers kit

Belts system (check assembly section):

  • 24 X F623 ZZ Flange Ball Bearings - number 2 or 3 option
    I recommend flipping the belts at the rear (check the belt system image), please do not use the geared GT2 16T.
    note: There is an Amazon seller who sells low-quality 623zz for triple the price!. his bearings are loose and it will ruin your printing experience.

Belts & Threaded rods

Main Electronics

Hotend options - 4 options:

  1. Trianglelab excellent Quality V6 hotend (1.75 24V PTFE) - had it - read the note.

  2. Mellow excellent hotend kit (24V Teflon) - i use this

  3. Blurolls good quality V6 hotend

  4. Cheap v6 hotend clone

Note: For Triangelab hotend change the M305 raw in config.g file
to this: "M305 P1 T100000 B4725 C0.0000000706 R4700"
more info about it under the "Additional Notes" section on this page.

Hotend optional upgrades:

Heated bed system, choose one of the 2 choices:

  1. Funssor CR-10 Aluminum Heated Bed 24V - tested

  2. Anet E12 12V heated bed 300x300

Note: For those that prefer Duet clone:



How I created the walls / semi-enclosure?

Well, it's cheap and very easy..

You can choose one of those options:

  • 4mm Cardboard sheets (cheap)

  • KAPA foam boards (cheap)

  • aluminum composite panel

  • 4mm Plywood sheets

Then apply this adorable Carbon Fiber Vinyl on the board.
you can use M3/M5 screws to secure the board to the panels.