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Ben Levi BLV.png

An open source 3D Printers developer with a great passion to 3D Printing.

The BLV 3D printers projects are my way of saying "Thank you" to the 3D community I admire. Here, you will find guides, 3D assembly videos, instructions, BOM, files, sketches links, original CAD files, and all the needed information in order to build your own BLV 3D printer. Please mind that BLV projects are non-profit and free for non-commercial use.

BLV mgn Cube 3D printer


Sincerely yours
Ben Levi



All the essential information to successfully build your own high accuracy BLV 3D Printer.

  • BOM (bill of material)

  • 3D assembly video

  • instructions & pdf files

  • image guides

  • original CAD step file (source)

  • sketches

  • fine tunned slicing profiles

  • print samples gallery

  • printer firmware

  • tips and external info and more...


963K+ downloads !

2.7 Milions+ views !

198K+ downloads !

758K+ views !

865K+ downloads !

1.6 Milions+ views !

BLV mgn Cube upgrades

Replace printed parts with

CNC machined aluminium parts!

BLV metal kit.png

Is all this really free?


All BLV projects are non-profit

Get all the needed information free of charge. you can buy the needed parts for your BLV Printer wherever you want or For your convenience, use the parts I have already tested and can be found at the projects BOM links.     READ MORE >

Can I Help?


You don't have to but if you would like, Your donation can help me create even more BLV projects and share with the 3D community.   READ MORE >

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